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The Buriti palm (Mauritia flexuosa L.), native to Amazonia, is very popular with the inhabitants of the Amazon region because of its versatile uses. The fruits are very nutritious, rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A) and also serve as a basis for juices, ice cream and sweets. The leaves are used to make wall decorations and baskets.

The high-quality oil is extracted from the pulp. Recommended for stressed skin, eg after sunbathing or swimming (chlorine). The buriti oil revitalises, cares for and nourishes your skin, has a relaxing effect, and not just because of its pleasant scent. The skin becomes wonderfully soft and tender.

APPLICATION: After showering, wipe off the water on the skin with your hand and gently massage in the oil. Don't dry off afterwards, put on your bathrobe and you're done!

Skincare Buriti Oil 140ml Formulated 100% Plant-Based

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