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Andiroba oil is obtained from the seeds of the tree of the same name (Carapa guianensis), which is native to the Amazon region. The Andiroba skin care oil is very skin-friendly with a pleasant, stimulating scent.

The Andiroba skin oil is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes and protects the skin and relaxes stressed muscles. A wonderful feel-good oil!

Andiroba oil opens up outstanding properties of the oil that are traditionally valued by the Amazon Indians. The Indians use andiroba oil in addition to treating skin problems for joint problems, muscular tension, sprains and to prevent cellulite. In addition, they also use the andiroba oil as a protection against mosquitoes. We recommend the Andiroba massage oil especially against mosquitoes, because it is a pure, fatty oil, while the care oil offered here is formulated.

APPLICATION: After showering, wipe off the water on the skin with your hand and gently massage in the oil. Don't dry off afterwards, put on your bathrobe and you're done!

Andiroba skin care oil, 140ml

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