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This chocolate made from wild, organic raw cocoa comes from the unique floodplain of the Llanos Moxos in Bolivia. The cocoa beans used for this exclusive chocolate are gently fermented in woven palm leaf baskets while still in the rainforest and then dried in the sun. Instead of classic hot air roasting at 130 to 150°C, the raw cocoa is only heated to temperatures between 45 and 48°C. The beans are then gently ground in a stone mill and the cocoa mass is then conched in a ball mill cooled to room temperature after the raw cane sugar has been added.

This is the best way to bring out the unique aroma of this wild, unadulterated cocoa. The chocolate is processed into the final product by a local cooperative.

Content 70g
Ingredients: 56.5% raw cocoa mass*, 20.5% cocoa butter*, 23% raw cane sugar*
* from controlled organic cultivation

Raw cocoa chocolate made from 77% wild organic raw cocoa

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