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The popular solidarity rings from Tucuma!

  (Astrocaryum aculeatum, Arecaceae)

These are palm trees with a height of between 15 and 28 meters, mostly solitary and mainly found on Terra Firme in Amazonia.

The thick, hard, dark brown to black seed coat is often used in jewelry. The brown and black Tucuma ring, which was worn as a wedding ring by slaves and indigenous people who could not afford gold in the 19th century, has gained particular importance. In addition, the ring was also important as a friendship ring and in resistance to the established social order. Today, Tucuma rings are still worn as a sign of solidarity with the poor and supporting their struggle for social justice and respect for human rights.

The leaf fibers of the palm tree are also used to make mats, baskets and other handicrafts.

At the end of the ordering process, please enter the desired inner diameter of the ring in the comment field.

Tucuma Solidarity Ring ("Black Ring")

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